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Montréal : member of the 100 resilient cities network !

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The strategy is intended for the entire population. We are gathering the tools to improve our response to shocking events such as natural disasters, tragedies, terrorist attacks, or situations likely to weaken our city, such as an aging population, social exclusion, poverty and aging infrastructures. Together, we want to be ready and to continue to develop our resilience.

Mayor Valérie Plante

Montréal’s Resilient City Strategy

Montréal’s Resilient City Strategy constitutes an ambitious initial proposal for Montréal. Using the citizen as its starting point and then shifting its focus to the Montréal community, the municipal administration, and ultimately to public and private organizations, this strategy broadly reflects a global movement towards resilience. This movement recognizes the necessity of pooling our efforts across all spheres of society in order to make cities more resilient. Montréal’s Resilient City Strategy is thus geared to all Montrealers. An initial five-year action plan sets out four major orientations and 12 objectives.

  • 1Support of a unified and safe community
  • 2Protect our living environment
  • 3Maintain a diversified and innovative economy
  • 4Promote integrated governance in the service of the community