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Resilience Office

On May 11, 2016, Montréal Mayor, announced the creation of a Resilience Office within the city administration. Under an agreement with 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), this new entity will draw on the expertise and support of a large network of key partners in developing a urban resilience strategy and making Montréal more effective at coping with risks, along with economic, social and environmental stresses.

What’s urban resilience?

Urban Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems within a city to survive, adapt and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.

Source: Definition of 100 Resilient Cities

The 100 Resilient Cities’ Program

100 Resilient Cities (100RC) is a program by the Rockefeller Foundation, a leading philanthropic organization based in New York City. The Foundation, which recently celebrated its Centennial, decided to invest in a broad-based, catalytic project to reinforce urban abilities to withstand shocks and stress. 100RC will be rolled out over the next few years with $160 M in funding.

The 100 cities selected by the foundation will receive support in developing their urban resilience strategy.

100RC provides cities 4 types of support:

To help complex urban systems organize and integrate around resilience

To scale solutions efficiently