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Developing the Strategy

The Office of Resilience's work focuses on risk prevention, reducing vulnerabilities and adapting to socio-economic and environmental challenges. This last aspect is complementary to emergency planning in order to further develop the resilience of a city.

During Phase I, the Resilience Office will:

  • Survey partner/public perceptions of Montréal’s Resilience Factor.
  • Complete an analysis of impacts and the likeliness of shocks and stresses in Montréal.
  • Map out initiatives and actions to boost urban resilience.
  • Produce a current profile of the city based on the facts.
  • Determine Montréal’s urban resiliency opportunities, needs and challenges.

These five analyses will be used in determining work to be performed during Phase 2.

In Phase 2, the Resilience office was mandated to focus on a combination of technical assessments and stakeholder engagement aimed at developing the Strategy and its action Plan. During this phase, the Office deepened its analysis along the lines of research established in Phase 1. A first five-year action plan targets four major orientations, 12 objectives and 30 actions implemented in the Strategy.

What is the 100RC Resilience Strategy?

6-9 months

Phase 3


The 100RC Resilience Strategy Process is a 6-9 month effort led by the CRO to develop a roadmap to resilience for the city.